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Automatic rotary nucleic acid extraction instrument Automatic rotary nucleic acid extraction instrument Automatic rotary nucleic acid extraction instrument Automatic rotary nucleic acid extraction instrument Automatic rotary nucleic acid extraction instrument

Automatic rotary nucleic acid extraction instrument

GeneRotex series full-automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument is the latest generation of technology. Based on the principle of magnetic bead method and using rotary nucleic acid extraction technology, it can overcome the shortcomings of traditional nucleic acid extraction methods and realize the rapid and efficient preparation of large numbers of sample nucleic acids.
  • ModelGeneRotex Series
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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Automatic rotary nucleic acid extraction instrument  with 24/48/96 flux modules, with corresponding nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can process serum, plasma, whole blood, swabs, amniotic fluid, feces, tissue lavage fluid, tissue, paraffin sections, bacteria, fungi and many more Sample types are widely used in disease prevention and control, animal quarantine, clinical diagnosis, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, food and drug supervision, forensic science, teaching and scientific research.


1. Rotary nucleic acid extraction, combined with air filtration and UV disinfection, can greatly reduce the risk of contamination, and the extraction efficiency is higher and quieter

2. Multiple selection of flux modules, can process a wide range of sample volumes

3. External code scanning gun, one-click operation after scanning program

4. Motor-driven automatic switch experiment cabin



GeneRotex   96

GeneRotex   48

GeneRotex   24

Sample   throughput




Processing   volume




Recommended sample size




Applicable   supplies

96-well   deep well plate, customized single six-piece tube

Customized   48-well deep well plate

Customized   ultra-large single tube

spinning   speed




Temperature   control range

Cracking   heating: 30 ° C ~ 120 ° C Elution heating: 30 ° C ~ 120 ° C

Hybrid   approach

Rotate   and mix

Operating   language

Built-in   Chinese / English operating language, freely switchable

Operation   method

7-inch   full-color LCD screen with touch or code gun control

Program   storage

Built-in   program, can store up to 10,000 programs

Program   management

Flexible   creation, editing, application and deletion of programs

Automatic   hatch

Motor-driven   automatic switch experiment cabin

QR   code scanning

Can   be connected with external scanning gun, automatically identify the   application after scanning, one-click operation

Magnetic   bead recovery


Power   failure protection

Free   to choose whether to continue running the experiment when power is   accidentally cut off and then powered on

Pollution   control

Negative   pressure HEPA exhaust filter module, built-in UV disinfection module

Instrument   interface

USB   interface





Using   electric

AC110-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 600W

Temperature   range


Humidity   range



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